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Frequently Asked Questions

About Entrance Exam

Q: Is neet 2024 twice a year?

A: So far there has been no official announcement which suggests that neet 2024 will not be conducted twice. As per the official announcement, NTA has revealed that neet 2024 is scheduled to be conducted on August 13, 2020, only.

Q: What will be the mode of entrance exam?

A: NEET will be conducted in offline mode i.e., pen and paper mode. Candidates will be given NEET OMR sheet 2020 to fill the answers which will be evaluated electronically.

Q: Who will be the conducting body for neet 2024?

A: Since 2019, National Testing Agency has been entrusted with the responsibility to conduct NEET.

Q: What is the new change introduced in neet 2024?

A: neet 2024 will serve as the single entrance test through which all MBBS or BDS seats offered in the country will be filled. Candidates will have to appear for NEET in order to get admission in AIIMS and JIPMER as well. Based on NEET score, candidates will be granted admission in medical and dental colleges

Q: What will be the pattern of questions in the neet 2024 after scrapping AIIMS and JIPMER?

A: There is no change in the neet 2024 question pattern. neet 2024 question paper will have total 180 objective type (multiple-choice) questions of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. 45 each in Physics & Chemistry and 90 questions from Biology (Botany and Zoology).

Q: How many seats are there for MBBS in AIIMS?

A: There are a total of 1,200+ MBBS seats in the 15 AIIMS spread across the length & breadth of our country.

Q: How many seats does JIPMER offer for admission?

A: JIPMER provides total 200 seats, 150 seats offered in JIPMER, Puducherry campus and 50 seats offered in Karaikal campus.

About Eligibility

Q: Does a gap year between Class 11 and 12 will affect the eligibility for neet 2024?

A: Gap of a year does not affect the eligibility for neet 2024. Candidates with a gap year will be eligible for neet 2024. The latest information brochure of NEET also specifies the same.

Q: I will complete 25 years of age in March 2020. Will I be eligible for NEET?

A: Yes, you will be eligible to appear for the NEET exam as the candidates who are 25 years or above will now be able to take the exam as the Supreme Court has a directive.

Q: Are NIOS students eligible for neet 2024?

A: NIOS students are eligible to take neet 2024 as the High Court of Delhi removed the clause which barred such students. However, NTA has stated that eligibility depends on the final verdict of the special leave petitions filed by MCI.

Q: Will NTA consider my Class 12 marks for neet 2024?

A: The minimum required percentage in Class 12 will only make candidates eligible to appear for neet 2024 but does not ensure qualification in the exam.

Q: In Class 11 and 12, I had Biology as an additional subject. Does that make me ineligible for neet 2024?

A: As per NTA, candidates with Biology as an additional subject are eligible for neet 2024. Although, the final outcome will depend on the verdict of the special leave petitions filed by MCI. This clause was introduced by MCI for NEET 2018 but was overruled by the Delhi High Court which means that the students with Biology/Biotechnology as an additional subject in Class 11 and 12 are eligible for neet 2024.

Q: Is there any attempt limit for neet 2024?

A: There is no attempt limit for neet 2024. Candidates can appear for NEET any number of times.

Application Process

Q: How can I change my address in NEET application form?

A: The correction window of neet 2024 application form can be used to change the address. Though the details can be edited using the correction window, candidates are advised to fill the application form carefully and check the details thoroughly before submitting it.

Q: How can I be sure that NTA has received the application fee?

A: This confirmation page that opens up after the payment has been processed successfully, is a confirmation that the neet 2024 application fee has been received by the NTA. Save and print this page for future reference.

NEET Exam Pattern

Q: As AIIMS and JIPMER are merged with NEET, The exam pattern of neet 2024 will be changed or not?

A: There has been no official declaration regarding a change in the existing exam pattern of neet 2024. NTA has released the information brochure of neet 2024 on December 2nd which also states that there is no such change is the exam pattern.

Q: How much time should be given to each question?

A: A total of 180 questions are there in the NEET exam. In order to improve time management, one should assign one minute to each question.

Q: How to avoid negative marking in the exam?

A: Stay clear of guesses. Do not answer a question if you are not sure about it. Stay calm before answering the questions. One mark will be deducted for every wrong answer.

Q: What will be the mode of examination?

A: NEET exam will be in offline mode. (pen and paper mode).

About Result

Q: Is the NEET result and score card one and the same?

A: Actually, the neet 2024 result will be in the form of a score card which is the downloadable version of the same.

Q: If I misplace the result of NEET, can I download it again?

A: Actually, the better thing to do will be to download the neet 2024 result and keep a soft copy saved. This way, you can avail it anytime. The link to download is generally available way after the admissions are over but it’s advisable to be on the safer side and not risk it.

Q: How long should I keep the NEET result 2020 cum score card?

A: Since the NEET result is the basis of admission to medical courses in the country, it is advisable to keep it safe till your admission formalities are complete. All you have to do is to keep a soft copy for your reference which can be retrived anytime you need it.

Preparation Tips

Q: Is NCERT enough for Biology section?

A: NCERT is without a doubt the best source to learn Biology. The text of NCERT diagrams & their labelling, table’s & their data should be learnt & memorized thoroughly. Students should essentially go through exemplars provided by CBSE/NCERT for question practice.

Q: How do I crack neet 2024 by self-study?

A: Self-study requires a lot of self-motivation as well. The preparation for neet 2024 can be a tedious task, thus making a pragmatic time-table can be very helpful. Keeping a close tab on the mistakes and improvements can be beneficial. Making notes after concluding a chapter will allow you to revise the important topics and retain it for longer.

Q: Is NEET a tough exam?

A: NEET is relatively a moderately easy exam, however, the number of applicants with respect to the number of seats available is very high making it tough to get admission. To get an MBBS seat it is very important to secure a good rank in neet 2024.

Q: How many hours should I study for NEET?

A: Experts and toppers suggest that every day at least 5-6 hours of sincere study can be fruitful in achieving a good score in neet 2024.

Q: What should be the daily routine to crack neet 2024 with good rank?

A: In order to succeed, neet 2024 aspirants must have a solid strategy which will guide you through the preparation journey. A daily routine for different people can be different, the key is to find what works best for you. Studying early in the day often helps. Regular intervals in the study schedule help in the long run. Candidates must study and practice for neet 2024 with unwavering focus.

Q: Has anyone ever cracked NEET exam without coaching?

A: Yes, it is possible to crack NEET without any coaching as it is upto the student that how much he/she should prepare for any exam. NEET exam is tough but your dedication will lead you towards success.

Q: How can I work on my time management for the exam?

A: One of the greatest challenges for any entrance exam is the time limitation. You have to complete 180 questions with time duration of 3 hours. Practice NEET sample papers and previous year question paper to improve time and accuracy.

Q: What are the best books for neet 2024?

A: The most important element to prepare for any exam is good study material. Following the right NEET study material is very important to prepare for the examination. NCERT are the best NEET books to prepare for the exam. Aspirants can consult NEET teachers and toppers or read their interviews and check which books they had referred. Here are some NEET Preparation books which aspirants can follow while preparing for neet 2024.

Physics Chemistry Biology
Problems in General Physics by I.E. Irodov Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations – R. C. Mukherjee Objective NCERT at Your Fingertips for NEET
The Feynman Lectures on Physics Vol. II & Vol. II Organic Chemistry – Mconcise Inorganic Chemistry – J. D. Leeorrison and Boyd Trueman’s Elementary Biology Volume – I and Volume – II
Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick & Walker Organic Chemistry – Peter Sykes AC Dutta for Botany
Concepts of Physics Vol I and II by H.C. Verma Physical Chemistry for Medical Entrance by OP Tandon Books by T.L Rayar
The Feynman Lectures on Physics Vol. I (Mechanics. Radiation and Heat) Organic Chemistry – M. S. Chauhan 11th and 12th NCERT textbooks

About Counselling

Q: Which Colleges/ Universities are allotted through MCC/DGHS counselling?

A: DGHS (The Directorate General of Health Services) on behalf of the MCC will conduct counselling for the 15% All India Quota and all seats of Deemed universities/ Central universities/ seats of ESIC & AFMC counselling including Delhi University (DU), VMMC, BHU, AMU, AIIMS & JIPMER.

Q: What is All India Rank (AIR)?

A: AIR places a student depending upon their position scored amongst all candidates who have qualified NEET.

Q: Who are eligible for ESIC counselling?

A: Regarding eligibility for ESI 15% of seats would be filled through All India Quota and seats that are unfilled after contribution to state quota would be set aside for candidates who are wards of Insured persons of ESI.

Q: What is free exit for 1st round mean?

A: Free exit for 1st round means if a candidate allotted a seat in 1st round and even if a candidate does not report/join the allotted college he would not be penalized (security deposit will not be forfeited) and will be eligible for subsequent rounds.

Q: Is it necessary to join allotted Medical/Dental College of Round 1 to get chance to participate in Round 2?

A: No candidates need not report or join the allotted college of round 1 since there is free exit. However, if they want to hold the Round 1 seat they can join the college of Round 1 and give up gradation willingness for Round 2.

Q: Is there any restriction to the number of choices of institution and course (MBBS or BDS) during choice filling?

A: There is no restriction, and the candidate is free to select as many choices from available options. But make sure to enter the choices in the order of preference.

Q: If I mistakenly opt for Deemed Universities seats instead of All India Quota (AIQ), can it be corrected?

A: The candidate can fix the problem using the reset initialization option provided at registration page. But note that the facility can be used only once.

Q: Is there any medical college which admits only Girls.

A: Yes, at present there are three medical colleges exclusively for Girls, namely Lady Hardinge Medical College Delhi, BPS Govt. Medical College, Sonepat and SVIMS, Sri Padmavati College for Women Tirupati.

Q: What does exit with forfeiture mean in 2 nd round of counselling?

A: Exit with forfeiture means if a candidate allotted a seat in 2 nd round of counselling and does not want to join the allotted seat he can still exit with forfeiture (losing security amount deposited) and once candidate joined the allotted seat would not be eligible for resigning/surrender of joined seat.

Q: After I join second round of counselling of 15% AIQ can I leave/ resign to join state Quota/private college seat?

A: Once you join second round seat from 15% All India Quota, you will not be allowed to vacate from allotted 2nd round seat as per direction by Hon’ble supreme court in WP(C) (267/2017) dated 09/05/2017. However if you are allotted a seat in second round in AIQ/ Deemed you can exit with forfeiture of security amount.

Q: Who is the Financial Custodian?

A: HLL Life care Ltd, a Govt. of India Undertaking under Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is the Financial Custodian. They will, on behalf of MCC, collect non-refundable Registration Fees and refundable security amount from the candidates and refund the security amount, on the advice of MCC, to the candidates.

Q: Can a candidate participate in second round without submitting fresh choices (based on choices submitted before round-1)?

A: Fresh choice submission by eligible candidates is necessary for consideration for seat allotment during round-2. If candidate does not submit fresh choice(s) during choice filling period, the candidate will not be considered for allotment of seat during Round-2 and will retain the already allotted (joined) seat, if any.

Q: In case I have Birth Certificate / Caste Certificate/ other certificate(s) in regional language, will it be acceptable at the time of reporting?

A: Certificates issued by the competent authority on standard format, should be in English or Hindi language. Please remember that some of the states insist for certificate in English language only. Candidates are advised to carry certified (attested) Copy of English version of the original certificate, in case certificate issued is in other than English language, along with original certificate.

Q: Whether Up-gradation is allowed from 2nd round counselling of Deemed/ Central Universities to Mop-up Round counselling of DGHS for Central / Deemed Universities?**

A: No, Up-gradation is not allowed once a candidate joins a seat allotted in Round II of Deemed/ Central Universities and the candidate will not be allowed to vacate the seat. For Deemed/ Central Universities the candidate will not be allowed in any further counselling including Stray Vacancy Round of Deemed/ Central Universities.

Q: What is the eligibility criteria for admission to AFMS?

A: Candidates seeking admission to AFMS can register with MCC expressing willingness of admission to the institute. The list of such candidates will be sent to AFMS, which will conduct offline counselling of such candidates. The offline counselling will include physical fitness and personality test. The result of the test will be sent back to MCC, who will display the allotment result on its website.

Q: How much time will I be given to join the allotted college?

A: Candidates allotted seats will be required to join the allotted college/course within stipulated time. However, candidates are advised to join as early as possible and not to wait for last day of joining. In some of the colleges/ universities, 2-3 days time is required to complete admission formalities. Therefore, candidates are advised to contact allotted college immediately after declaration of result of counselling allotment process, to know the details. If candidate fails to join the allotted Medical/Dental College within stipulated time, then the allotted seat will be cancelled.

Q: Who are eligible for 2nd round of allotment?

A: Candidates eligible for seat allotment in 2nd round would be from one of the following groups:

Group–I: Registered candidates who did not get any seat allotment in the 1st round.

Group-II: Registered candidates who have secured seat under reserved quota & whose 1st round of allotted seat got cancelled during the document verification on reporting for admission will be considered for allotment of seat in the next round of seat allotment, with changed Category, subject to availability of seat in respective category.

Group–III: Candidates who have reported at allotted institute during 1st round of allotment and submitted willingness for second round up-gradation as Yes.

Group-IV: Candidates who have been allotted a seat but Not Joined.

Group-V: Candidates who have resigned from the allotted seat of first round at college.

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